The Boldness Blueprint Minicourse

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  • Minicourse: The Boldness Blueprint ($34.98 value) 
  • Bonus Minicourse: Science of Goal Achievement ($34.98 value) 
  • Bonus EBOOK: The Boldness Blueprint ($9.98 value) 
  • Bonus EBOOK: Science of Goal Achievement ($9.98 value) 
  • Bonus EBOOK: Crafting Your Path ($9.98 value) 

Total Value: $99.90


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The Boldness Blueprint Mini Course

  • It's time to leap forward!

  • Move out of your comfort zone into the growth zone!

  • Learn science-backed ways to build your courage!

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Do You Need to Access Your Boldness?

  • I have something I want to take on but keep delaying the next step

  • I continually think I'm not ready to move forward with something. "I will do it when I finish ____."

  • Fear impacts my career by avoiding things like difficult phone calls, speaking opportunities, sharing my opinion, and asking for more

  • Fear is impacting my personal life because I need to speak up more, I neglect to set enough boundaries, or I don't share my needs

  • I don't show up or speak up because I want to fit in or fear that I might appear stupid 

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What Will I Learn in The Boldness Blueprint? 

  • Why we have fear, how fear can show up in our lives, and how it can hold us back

  •  Science-backed ways to build a boldness mindset

  • Ways to build our “courage muscles” through practice

  • Determining when it might be time to heed our fear and when it might be time to move forward through our fear

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"My life has completely, 100% changed." 



Seize This Moment and Seize Your Life!

Previously available ONLY in our CARPE You Masterclass. 


Sneak Peek of The Boldness Blueprint Mini-Course

Check out this short one-minute video with clips from the Boldness Blueprint Mini-Course.



BONUS #1: The Boldness Blueprint E-BOOK

This $9.98 value is yours free with this offer!

Get a free copy of our e-book, The Boldness Blueprint, which includes a fun exercise to build courage that meets you where YOU are in your own, unique journey.

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BONUS # 2: The Science of Goal Achievement Mini-Course

This $34.98 value is yours free with this offer!



Why Positive Thinking Isn't Enough and What To Do About It.

You know positive thinking isn't going to get you all the way there! Learn a science-backed process that increases your odds of success. This practice has been studied for over two decades and picks up where positive thinking leaves us. 

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BONUS #3: The Science of Goal Achievment E-BOOK

This $9.98 value is yours free with this offer!

You also get a free copy of our e-book, The Science of Goal Achievement, so you can take a deeper dive into some of the best research on achieving your goals. This includes workbook prompts, homework, and world-class research. 

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BONUS # 4: Crafting Your Path E-BOOK 

This $9.98 value is yours free with this offer! 

"Follow Your Dreams" can be terrible advice! 
  • Discover why "follow your dreams" can be terrible advice for many of us
  • If you are looking to find an occupational passion, check out this e-book which includes four exercises to help you uncover a path forward!
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People Love our Programs!

"Thank you so much! I had some realizations I didn’t expect. I like how we took those insights forward and created steps. It forced me to put my money where my mouth is."

Karen D.

"This has given me the opportunity to reflect on things. Life is busy and having this time to stop has been great. In thinking about purpose and meaning, I am surprised how different I define it now versus 15 years ago. It’s been huge for me!"

Barbara F.

"Thank you, CARPE. I didn’t realize how stuck I was emotionally and physically and CARPE got me moving again. This is working for me."

Ginny D.

"This is where I needed to be. It’s truly helped me. The awareness I have gained… I am tuned into where I need to be and taking the steps I need to take. I am grateful for this group."

Nancy R.

"It’s been profound at a time when we have had so much loss. It’s been great to evaluate my life and to get a brave and compassionate look at ourselves.  This has been incredibaly impactful for me and I really appreciate it. When is CARPE You 2?"

Sandra G.

"I love the module on courage. CARPE has given me the courage to work on my relationships. I feel like I am really getting to the authenticity that I desire in my life."

Nancy G.

"I am a life coach and I help others for living. It was nice to do this for myself. And I learned a few new practices I am now teaching my clients."

Jennifer S.

"I have found my relationships have changed and now I find myself moving to new friendships that feed me and going deeper there. It’s been such a great exercise to look at that."

Jodi G.

"Having support while getting restarted with a cadre of amazing women has been one of the best parts. It’s so good to know I am not alone, and others feel the same way I do."

Laura B.

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