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  • Inspiration: Change can be challenging. Be inspired  and have fun learning accessible practices with likeminded people.
  • Science: This unique program delivers science-backed practices that have been shown to work.
  • Community: Be part of a community that inspires you and holds you accountable.
  • Learn and Practice: Join Changemaker live sessions where you can learn practices to increase happiness, build meaning, and improve your relationships.
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How Do the World’s Most Accomplished, Happy, and Effective People Achieve their Goals?


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Study after study has shown that behavior is contagious. If you want to develop healthy habits, grow your confidence, feel energized, have beautiful relationships, feel happier, or accomplished just about any other goal, the key is to get around people who are living life at a high level.
The Changemaker Community is the place to be to make the changes you want to make in your own life and in the lives of those around you.

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What comes with the Changemaker Community?


- Interactive Workshops: learn science-backed practices that help you hit your goals, improve relationships, and find purpose – all while connecting with others. For example, previous sessions included:

The Relationship SuperHack: Learn a technique that has been shown in studies to be predictive of good relationships.

Discover Your Values Workshop: Look at what matters to you and how you want to express yourself in the future.

The Science of Goal Achievement: Learn a science-backed practice that has been studied for over two decades.

-Powerful Discussions: participate in the Changemaker Community Meetings & Facebook group.

-Accountability: work with others who will help you achieve your goals.

-Workbooks and other Premium Content: use science to identify your interests, create goals, find purpose, and connect better with others.

-Fun and Connection:  Join game sessions, virtual happy hours, and other opportunities to connect. It's the fun and connection that keeps our community coming back again and again. 


 Become a part of the Changemaker Community and get all bonuses for free. Try it for free for 14 days. 

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Here at Positive Voices, we believe in the power of conversation in sparking ideas and inspiring positive change within ourselves and within our world.