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  • Science: This unique program delivers science-backed practices that have been shown to work
  • Community: Be part of a community that inspires you and holds you accountable.
  • Conversation: Legendary Larry King and Positive Psychology exert Dr. James Pawelski interview  researchers, top authors, world-class leaders and other influencers  
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  • Live interviews with leading experts, changemakers, & positive heroes.

  • Engage in powerful discussions in the Changemaker Community Meetings & Facebook group.

  • Connect with other passionate people like you who will help you achieve your goals.


BONUSES: You will also gain access to the

1. Psychology of Flourishing program!

This unique program featuring Martin Seligman, the father of Positive Psychology, turns scientific research into a step-by-step process of personal growth and discovery. With 13 transformative sessions, 1 comprehensive Best Life Blueprint Workbook, 3 next-level Positive Voices Workbooks, and countless powerful evidence-based exercises and practices, this program is sure to help YOU live your best life.

2. Best Life Blueprint guided access!

The companion workbook for the Psychology of Flourishing will give you added depth and exercises to make sure what you learn really stays with you. The guided access includes team lead discussions on how to stay in the work and make progress. 


Become a part of the Changemaker Community and get all bonuses for $1 for the first 14 days. 

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