Do you feel tired, unmotivated, or frustrated?

Many midlife women find they are looking for more meaning, searching for purpose, or desiring a shift in their relationships. For others, they lack energy or courage. Whatever it is for you, you are not alone. Many women hit midlife and realize they desire something new.


Join our 9-week  science-based workshop

CARPE You: Your Next Best Act for Women in Midlife


Meet weekly with like-minded women as we learn the process and tools for creating this next chapter in life.

It's time to define our next chapter! 


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100% of  participants surveyed report more meaning and growth in their lives after participating.


Over the last two years, I have helped women create a plan for their next chapter, using research and science-based tools. What I have found is that magic happens as you connect with like-minded women and proactively create together.


Wherever you are, know that midlife can be a great chapter in life. Let me share research and practices to help you proactively take on midlife.

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We will cheerfully and quickly give you your money back if you aren't satisfied!

If you go through CARPE You and aren't fully satisfied, we will give you a full refund. Just let us know within 90 days. 

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Join Weekly Zoom Sessions & Optimize Your Next Chapter


Just over an hour a week that packs a punch! Check out this sample content: 

  • Learn small practices that create big impact.

  • Uncover or clarify your purpose and path forward.

  • Co-create a plan to increase your energy and vitality.

  • Meet like-minded women and build lasting relationships.

  • Move from your comfort zone into growth as you learn science-backed practices to help increase boldness.

  • Participate in small group discussions and work 1:1 with an accountability partner.

  • Take an assessment that has been taken by over 13 million people worldwide that can help you uncover a path to more engagement and meaning.


  • Learn how relationships tend to change in midlife and proactively build your connection to others.

  • Discover the impact of perspective on aging and how to shift your mindset.

  • Learn what most people regret at the end of their lives, helping you avoid pitfalls.

  • Discover how our brains change in midlife (spoiler alert: there is some great news).

  • Explore what really matters to you and increase authenticity.

  • Learn a practice that can shift your emotion and, over time, is as effective as an antidepressant.

  • Add more happy moments, reduce stress, and dispute your negative thoughts.

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What You Will Get:

• Nine 90-minute interactive Zoom sessions

• A vibrant community of like-minded woman including invitations for post-workshop alumni sessions

• Written materials including highlights of each session and an evidence-backed exercise to practice each week

• An accountability partner  


Make 2023 a Great Year!


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**All sessions are recorded.

Here's What Participants Are Saying!

"Thank you so much! I had some realizations I didn’t expect. I like how we took those insights forward and created steps. It forced me to put my money where my mouth is."

Karen D.

"This has given me the opportunity to reflect on things. Life is busy and having this time to stop has been great. In thinking about purpose and meaning, I am surprised how different I define it now versus 15 years ago. It’s been huge for me!"

Barbara F.

"Thank you, CARPE. I didn’t realize how stuck I was emotionally and physically and CARPE got me moving again. This is working for me."

Ginny D.

"This is where I needed to be. It’s truly helped me. The awareness I have gained… I am tuned into where I need to be and taking the steps I need to take. I am grateful for this group."

Nancy R.

"It’s been profound at a time when we have had so much loss. It’s been great to evaluate my life and to get a brave and compassionate look at ourselves.  This has been incredibaly impactful for me and I really appreciate it. When is CARPE You 2?"

Sandra G.

"I love the module on courage. CARPE has given me the courage to work on my relationships. I feel like I am really getting to the authenticity that I desire in my life."

Nancy G.

"I am a life coach and I help others for living. It was nice to do this for myself. And I learned a few new practices I am now teaching my clients."

Jennifer S.

"I have found my relationships have changed and now I find myself moving to new friendships that feed me and going deeper there. It’s been such a great exercise to look at that."

Jodi G.

"Having support while getting restarted with a cadre of amazing women has been one of the best parts. It’s so good to know I am not alone, and others feel the same way I do."

Laura B.